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Date: 06/02/01

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Ken Friedman wrote

> W. Edwards Deming's fourteen points for realize these goals in operational
> terms. While many subscribers to this list will know Deming, I am posting
> these points and references for those who may not...
> This also involves the issues of trust and shared value seen in the
> leadership literature among scholars who view work is a profoundly human
> experience, based on earned trust and shared values. These human issues
> are central to the key leadership theories of recent years ...

I pointed out that Dr. Deming might be somehow humorous to add several
'operational' 14 points in management of people and red Bead Experiments
in DEN list. Yesterday I sent out one note to DEN and I think some of LO
friends might like to know,

I read a summary of a dialogue between P. Drucker and P. Senge in Leading
in a Time of Change ( Drucker Foundation for nonprofit Organization, book
and a 40 minute interview). It is interesting to find the article in
leading Career magazine for young generation here. Dr. Senge mentioned
about Dr. Deming's the right to enjoy working and Dr. Drucker talked about
mutual trust in organizations is the basis for 'prediction'.

Hanching Chung


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