5th Learning Organization in Action Conference in Taiwan LO26798

From: demingtw (demingtw@ms17.hinet.net)
Date: 06/10/01

Dear Rick and other friends,

I was very confused with the humble of our friends here. For example, June
14-15 is the 5th LO Conference in Taipei. But the host Jack Liu and his
team and friends were 'silence' in this list.

I told Jack that we need to speak out to invite more 'free energy' or
resources to Taiwan but I think Jack is a man with 'vision' and 'mission',
and W. V. Quine is right, ' Actions, behaviorism teaches, speak louder
than words.'
   Quiddities, p.19.

Hanching Chung


demingtw <demingtw@ms17.hinet.net>

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