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From: Gavin Ritz (garritz@xtra.co.nz)
Date: 06/21/01

Replying to LO26824 --

Hi Bruce

I believe there is not one problem in the business world that cannot be
solved. AND most times I find the problem is that managers are unable to
articulate what the problem really is. This has to do with massive variety
(states) annihilation. The most drastic problem of all. The mental
conduits are totally blocked. Mainly because they do not have the channel
capacity to deal with the incoming information.(or their mental
transformers just cannot cope). So the managers minds just switch off. AND
hope like hell that the problem goes away or they are just unconscious
incompetents. Just look the other way and hope like hell they duck fast
enough when the bullets start flying. Somehow the bullets always find
their mark.

The answer to all problems are out there one must just desire to want to
truly solve the problem (s).

Most times I find a key problem solves 20 others.


Bruce Jones wrote:

> Working on a collaborative project recently became a great burden. The
> reason was we thought we had a solution looking for THE specific problem.
> We were asking ouselves ..."What is the solution to what problem?" THE
> problem was the problem.
> We could not see the forest for the trees ... or using one of At's words
> ... we were tuphlos.
> THE problem is having a solution with no specific problem to solve.
> THE problem is not being able to see the problem.
... snip by your host...


Gavin Ritz <garritz@xtra.co.nz>

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