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From: demingtw (demingtw@ms17.hinet.net)
Date: 06/21/01

Replying to LO26827 --

At gave Jan an interesting comment. But my focus is different. Perhaps we
like to talk more on the subject of 'operational definition'. For example,
H. A. Simon gave an operational definition of 'liberal-professional
education' (Models of My Life, pp.257-8) and it is the main subject of
Deming's System of Profound Knowledge. But in LO list very few persons
worry about this subject.

Hanching Chung

AM de Lange wrote

> Greetings dear Jan,
> Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We let them question our
> thoughts and we will question them ;-)
> Your operational definition reminds me of Goethe. He stressed often that
> "I had never separated these two", i.e. the Self and the External World.
> He thought of the relationship between the two as "truth" (whereas you
> think of it as "problem"). Thus he wrote: "And so each can have his own
> truth, and it is neverteless always the same." (For you it can be written
> "And so each can have his own problem, and it is neverteless always the
> same." As for him, the "metamorphosis" (for you it would be "solution") of
> this "truth" helped him profoundly to excell in his artistic gift.


demingtw <demingtw@ms17.hinet.net>

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