Tragedy of the Commons Issues LO26897

From: Mark W. McElroy (
Date: 06/27/01

Replying to LO26876 --


Thanks for your response. Questions about it follow:

Rol Fessenden wrote:
> Replying to LO26869 --
> TOC happens in the natural world all the time. TOC occurs when the
> feedback loops that inform individual behavior do not adequately account
> for large-scale societal outcomes.

Yes, but where outside of the human "natural" world?

> TOCs occur between organizations that are interdependent. In many
> organizations promotions are made at the 'micro' level (I have an opening
> in my department...) but do not take into account the emerging needs of
> the whole organization.

I see that as "intra" organizational, not "inter" organizational.



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