Tragedy of the Commons Issues LO26876

From: Rol Fessenden (
Date: 06/23/01

Replying to LO26869 --

TOC happens in the natural world all the time. TOC occurs when the
feedback loops that inform individual behavior do not adequately account
for large-scale societal outcomes.

TOCs occur between organizations that are interdependent. In many
organizations promotions are made at the 'micro' level (I have an opening
in my department...) but do not take into account the emerging needs of
the whole organization.


>1. Is anyone aware of any cases of the TOC in the natural world in which
>human activity is NOT invloved? Or are instances of TOCs only found in
>connection with human behaviors?
>2. In the human domain, is anyone aware of any instances of TOCs within
>an organization, as opposed to between them? In other words, can TOCs be
>found inside individual companies or human organizations, or do they only
>emerge as a consequence of interactions BETWEEN companies, organizations,
>and individuals?


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