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From: Leo Minnigh (l.d.minnigh@library.tudelft.nl)
Date: 07/13/01

Replying to LO26964 --

Dear Winfried,

> >Your confusion was frozen in the following words
> The words, once written, are frozen information. My confusion is hopefully
> not frozen being but indication for vivid becoming ;-). Or are you saying:
> "Don't write while you are confused, your confusion may become frozen by
> doing so!"? (Possible command, which may have led to your statement above,
> now questioned by me...)

No, no. I was indeed only referring to the words, not to your vivid mental

> Kant's apriori-categories were meant to solve THE MonCat-problem, but he
> missed the ParVar-problem, as non-euklidian geometry managed to show.

Winfried, I had a great laugh after reading your fantastic challange.
Maybe during the rest of my life your challanging picture becomes a slowly
growing obsession ;-). I don't know yet.

Long ago on this list (but my time-perception becomes impaired) I wrote
that the 7 E's of At form together a 7-dimensional world with non-linear
axes. And as soon as this world becomes unfrozen, hence a moving/becoming
picture, graphs will appear that will influence also the past. The 'axes'
of that world are not stable during progressing time, but also the
'growing' graphs in this world change directions on their own. So the
dynamics between form and content are hardly to visualise in the mind.
Perhaps this is the ultimate ParVar problem.

If one does not like to think on too difficult problems (challanges), to
avoid obsessions, please start reading the next contribution on this list.

Have a nice and vivid summer on the northern hemisphere, or a quiet winter
sleep on the southern hemisphere.

dr. Leo D. Minnigh
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