What is THE problem? LO26964

From: Dressler, Winfried (Winfried.Dressler@Voith.com)
Date: 07/09/01

Replying to LO26925 --

Dear Leo,

>Your confusion was frozen in the following words

The words, once written, are frozen information. My confusion is hopefully
not frozen being but indication for vivid becoming ;-). Or are you saying:
"Don't write while you are confused, your confusion may become frozen by
doing so!"? (Possible command, which may have led to your statement above,
now questioned by me...)

>Well Winfried, is it not a nice (new) feeling to be confused and not
>knowing your way in the dark?

It is not really dark, yet still confusing, like Wonderland was for Alice.
Not new at all to me :-)

>Winfried, please let your thoughts meander in a free way, don't let it
>become an obsession.

Well, tell me whether you perceive the following thought as obsessive:

Kant's apriori-categories were meant to solve THE MonCat-problem, but he
missed the ParVar-problem, as non-euklidian geometry managed to show.

Liebe Gruesse,


"Dressler, Winfried" <Winfried.Dressler@Voith.com>

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