Collaborative software usage LO27024

Date: 07/21/01

Replying to LO27003 --

>Greetings. I'm wondering if anyone has experience or can point me to case
>studies of how companies have successfully encouraged people to use new
>collaborative software (without immediate obvious benefit to themselves)
>and overcome (at least to some extent) the tendency to hoard information?
>Many thanks,
>Michael Chender


....And, respectfully, I am wondering why anyone 'tends' to 'hoard' such
completely useless 'information' anyway.

It only leads to indigestions;-). Every 'colour' in my tubes is pitch
black and useless pigment until I squeeze it out and spread it around to
co-mingle in the wider atmosphere where it become form and colour and
increases life's possibility, then itself becoming its own rich reward.
Reminds me Michael of that eastern idea...." Do you own xyz or does xyz
own you? " I see the fertile ground 'becoming' between the two.
Having<Giving Away...maybe;-)



Andrew Campbell


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