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Date: 07/21/01

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I have used .. still use, a couple of small booklets complied by Linda
Booth Sweeney and Dennis Meadows called "The Systems Thinking Playbook".
It is a collection of group exercises to stretch and build learning and
systems thinking capabilities. Self organizing is implicit in the work.

Contact Luisa Fowler at Lab. for Interactive Learning, IPSSR, Thompson
Hall, Univ. of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824. Tel (603) 862-2186

[Host's Note: this is also available at -- It's
supposed to be there, but I can't immediately find it! And, I highly
recommend this set of teaching exercises! ..Rick]

Roy Greenhalgh

"Downes-Martin, Stephen Ph.D" wrote:

> I am looking for games and simulations that might explore the below topic,
> and wonder if anyone could provide pointers?


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