Energy laws and beyond LO27026

From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 07/22/01

Dear Org learners

Over the last few months there has been truly exciting news about our

Things like dark matter, anti-matter etc.

At first glance one might say what does this have to do with
organizational learning. The interesting thing is everything.

This short note of mine might challenge some cherished concepts but does
not negate them in any way. Over the months I have mentioned the power
laws as the tensions between our fears and hopes, plus how compression and
attractions work within the human motive arena.

Everything we have been discussing to date about energy is in the realms
of matter and mind.

And I needed personally to get my head around energy and entropy concepts
that have been discussed at length on the list.

I have come to the conclusion that these laws and concepts are a good map
that defines the territory of matter and its associates only.

But this is part of the picture only.

The laws of the universe include anti-matter that which we haven't
discussed. So as entropy and energy are on different sides of the same
coin. So is matter and antimatter or gravity and antigravity or energy (&
entropy) and dark energy.

I do not want to drone on about this concept but if we define anti matter
as antigravity then we have the pushing or expanding concept and matter as
the attracting or sucking concept we start to see how structure and
process is created. The underlying power of creation is on the same coin
as the underlying power of restriction and is the opposite of creation in
the WHOLE of the universe. The opposite of creation is not destruction
that is its matter opposite. The closing in and around matter or the
pressing against matter is the antimatter opposite.

There is a quick and easy way to observe antimatter or anti gravity (dark
energy, you do not need the Hubble Space telescope) look up into the sky
on a sunny day and squint your eyes and notice the little white squiggles
focus on these squiggles and soon we see a massive dark swirling vortexy
structures (forms) behind this. This is what the universe is made up of
the so called dark energy. The transition between these two is generally
depicted by vortices. e.g. a black hole. We do not have to peer into
space to see antimatter it is all around us. We just can't see it so
easily as our eyes are designed around matter concepts (light is a
property of matter)

An interesting question would be how does the transition look between a
human being and this anti-matter and an organization and this anti-matter.

Creation besides all the other matter concepts is directly effected by
antimatter and is often shown as a power relationship. Whatever this
energy is, from antimatter (and I am not so sure that it can be called
energy) remains to be discovered in the coming century.

So what does this have to do with organizations or OL. Organizations are
created and terminated by the tensions between matter and anti-matter and
in here lies the concept of self organization. Which then takes us to the
VSM, TOC, SSM, ST, 7Es etc. Self organization is a property of matter and
anti matter and as I mentioned before looks like a tube-pump-tube or a
input-transformation -output in the realm of matter.

The easiest way to see this is within one self our own personal tensions
between our desires and fears and then expand this concept to
organizations. Expansion and attraction are the key issues to look at

Looking forward to some interesting comments.



Gavin Ritz <>

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