What is an Operational Definition? LO27032

From: Dressler, Winfried (Winfried.Dressler@Voith.com)
Date: 07/23/01

Replying to LO27001 --

>The operational dentition is quite simple. For each concept, please cook
>it with a recipe like procedure and taste it, decide it, as you wrote in
>Wholeness From Another Source. I am not sure this way of cooking is
>'authentic' or not but it is with 'operational meaning'.

Dear Hancing,

how would you assign 'operational meaning' to concepts which do not demand

In my mind, ordinary organizations - as a concept - could be 'cooked' with
a recipe like procedure and those organizations are (at least
theoretically) repeatable. Not so learning organizations as I do
understand the concept. They are unique, they are as unique as the people
and communities within.

Cooking is 'authentic' when the cook is able to create a unique meal.

Liebe Gruesse,


"Dressler, Winfried" <Winfried.Dressler@Voith.com>

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