What is an Operational Definition? LO27033

From: Dressler, Winfried (Winfried.Dressler@Voith.com)
Date: 07/23/01

Replying to LO27002 --

>Did you know the average time someone, anyone, stands before a work of art
>in pretty much any gallery, whether before a Rothko or a Piero della
>Francesca or Leonardo... four seconds. Yep! Of course people like me drag
>the time out a bit, but the average human views the average masterwork for
>four seconds.

That is the trouble with averages. I wonder how probable it is that a work
of art is viewed at for 3 to 5 seconds. In my case, this probability is
very low. When I go into a gallery it takes maximum two seconds to decide
whether I want to spend time with a specific painting or not. 1-2-3-4 next
1-2-3-4 next 1-2-3-4 next... would drive me crazy within shortest time.

But may be I am as little average as you are ;-) Next time in a gallery I
will observe the observers. I wonder whether I find that average human. If
I did, s/he would really be an exception, I guess.

Liebe Gruesse,


"Dressler, Winfried" <Winfried.Dressler@Voith.com>

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