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From: Sandy Wells (
Date: 07/26/01

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How timely that you raise the issues about the effects on the individual.
We have just started some discussion about the success of team-based
interventions without focusing on some individual work first--and your post
brings some important thoughts to the discussion. May I forward your
comments to the ODNet members?

I think that there are so many issues going on in our organizations that
stem from not only what you describe but also individuals with such low
self-esteem and poorly developed interpersonal skills. In my coaching work,
I'm seeing a pattern of family breakups, separated siblings, acrimonious
relationships between divorcing parents as a common theme when working with
someone who is having significant problems with their work and personal life
today. It may be obvious for some that if one lived a life unsure of
oneself as a child in terms of where one fit in his parents' lives then that
is probably going to be carried forward. Which COULD result in one being a
bully and using formal power to get your way as opposed to relying on
personal influence.

Only more evidence that everything is connected to everything else! Sounds
like systems. . :-)


>The situation in most workplaces, I have been involved with, seems to be
>getting worse rather than better, which we would expect with the new
>approach to team based management. I wonder what message workers take
>home to their families after working in these environments. The degree of
>isolation of many people in our communities seems to be extreme in many
>cases, so I really think we are not doing it right^ yet.


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