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Date: 08/03/01

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>Replying to LO27015 --
>Dear Learners
>Fred wrote in reply to Mr French,
>>Dear Mr. French:
>>I'm an old Navyman (a "Chief") and I think I can answer your question.
>>I'm confident others can and will, too.
>>Organizations don't learn, people do.
>Or for balance...knowledge doesn't happen between our ears but between our
>noses ;-)...geddit?
>Andrew Campbell
>[Host's note: No... I don't geddit. ..Rick]


Which bit don't you 'get'?

And, everyone/anyone else who might be reading this...what do-don't you
get from the exchanges above by Fred, Andrew and Rick?

Does it matter that in Fred's view "Organizations do not learn, people
do." What is the perception of inter-est in this?

As for me, I was labouring under the illusion that this was a forum called
a "Learning Organization" If, however, by Orgnaization Fred means
assemblages of concrete, plastic, microchips, payrolls, share
certificates, coporate tissues, magic markers, Pentagon credit cards for
purchasing 4 billion dollars worth of personal luxury items, then for
sure, we are as one;-) ORGANIZATIONS SURE DO NOT LEARN.



PS The actual image of 'learning between noses' was from some highly
influential leader type, maybe Warren Bennis someone like that ...


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