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From: Chris Macrae (
Date: 08/03/01

Replying to LO27087 --

Sounds like a great competition -can't wait to see results

At the message board of, one of our threads
references "why the internet will change what makes people distant and
bossy" - would love to hear more views on that (here, there or at

chris macrae

> With Labor Day coming up, is launching the
> "Awesome & Awful Boss Hall of Fame." It will be a virtual gallery of the
> best and worst in the boss business.
> Anyone who wants to give a great manager some richly deserved public
> recognition can stop by and complete the 5-minute online Awesome
> nomination form. Or, if their boss is a BOSS in the worst sense and they
> want to vent, they can fill out an Awful nomination. (Names aren't
> required on the Awful ones.) It's all at:


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