ROI on Teams LO27138

Date: 08/11/01

Quantitative Team Data

Has anyone seen any quantitative data (research) on ROI on teams? I have
a lot of antedotal material and have been working with teams for years so
certainly have many opinions. Someone asked me if I could point to the
benefit of going to teams. I can rattle off a host of changes that the
typical organization experiences, but the benefits are typically from a
variety of changes, notjust teams.

Also curious if anyone has any hard data on the ratio of failures to
success, when organizations change to (or try to) team structures. I am
not looking for the causes of failure.....need quantitative information if
it is around.

Personally, I don't believe successful or unsuccessful changes can ever be
attributed to just one factor...but that is an unsubstantiated "mikey"
belief. Would like to find something more quantitative if possible.

Thanks for your help and best wishes to all,

Michael Bremer
The Cumberland Group


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