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From: Scott Simmerman (
Date: 08/10/01

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Robert asked,

>Can anyone point me towards references that might
>suggest how one measures the contribution of
>individuals to team performance?

Gosh, there has been a LOT written about measurement of individual and
team performance over the years and so much of it has to do with the
organization's culture and the nature of the measures. When these things
get tied into compensation or promotional stuff, it gets really messy.
Similar to what happens when we implement Suggestion Systems.

It is a can or worms that needs a bigger can, methinks.

And you might want to try a post like this in

 - this listserve focuses a lot more tightly on team-based issues and my
guess is that you might dialog a bit more about the specifics of your

I don't read much about this these days. But Jack Zigon focuses on themes
of measurement extensively and has lots of resources and information
freely available on his website:

Hope that helps,


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