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Date: 08/18/01

Here are five articles on performance management, including the interview
with Jack Welch that stirred up the ranking controversy. Plus you'll find
six new Dilbert cartoons on performance appraisal -- even one on ranking

* How GE's Chief Rates and Spurs His Employees
* Performance Reviews: Perilous Curves Ahead
* Why Employee Ranking Systems Lead to Disaster
* Rethinking Executive Pay-for-Performance Systems
* Customer Satisfaction Measurement Mistakes
* Dilbert Cartoons on Performance Management

Abstracts of each article follow below. The text of all five articles are
at under "New Articles in This

>How GE's Chief Rates and Spurs His Employees

Wall Street Journal interview with Jack Welch regarding motivation, and his
now-famous practice of grading GE's 85,000 managers and professionals
annually on a curve and firing the lowest scorers. WSJ, 6/21/1999

>Performance Reviews: Perilous Curves Ahead

 Grading employees via forced rankings is a valuable management tool, say
many companies. A slew of employees beg to differ. Fortune Magazine, May

>Why Employee Ranking Systems Lead to Disaster

Ranking employees, particularly for determining promotion, and pay, or even
for providing developmental feedback simply makes no sense. It is not a
neutral process, or just a costly process--it is a recipe for disaster.

>Rethinking Executive Pay-for-Performance Systems

Commentary about the one-way-door of executive pay raises -- they rarely go
down when corporate performance drops. Philadelphia Inquirer, August 2001

>Customer Satisfaction Measurement Mistakes

Twenty years ago a few hotels and restaurants used comment cards, and a
couple of manufacturers of consumer products did surveys. Most companies
did not bother attempting to measure customer satisfaction. Today it is a
different story. The problem is, most of this survey data does not do a
good job of predicting customer loyalty and future purchasing behavior.

>Dilbert Cartoons on Perfomance Management

DIlbert pokes fun at performance reviews. Look for the "NEW" icon on this

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