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From: Paul Shapiro (
Date: 08/23/01


My name is Paul Shapiro, and have been working with learning orgs for some
time. As a management consultant working in the various industries, I have
come across a new tool and process which I have discovered to be
extraordinarily powerful. The process is based on Individual Core Values,
and the Process is called the Core Values Business Optimization Process
which utilizes a tool called the PVI (Personal Values Index)

The PVI is completely online and accessible. I have found it to be a
powerful leadership, management and team tool, and has a remarkable
application for organizational development. The process was developed by a
corporate turnaround expert, Lynn

Ellsworth Taylor. The tool and the process are relatively easy to master
and you can do it yourself with or without outside support. If any members
are interested in more info about the tool and process, please email me at

or phone 206-463-7722. Thanks

Paul Shapiro Associates
24234 129th Ave. SW
Vashon, WA 98070


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