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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 09/12/01

Dear people affected by the horrific attack,

We of the LO-dialogue do not have words good enough to describe the pain
and sorrow which we feel in our hearts for your suffering. We grieve with
all who have lost beloved family members and friends to the death. We
struggle against getting sick and fainting when thinking of all who got
injured and even maimed for the rest of their lives. We think with awe of
those who will have to care for them and help them to heal.

We know that you form a cosmopolitan picture. People from all over the
world in addition to a majority of US citizins are to be found at the WTC
any day. The same with the passangers on the four airliners hijacked. Thus
the loss felt in the US is felt at many other places in the world too.
Those who engineered these evil attacks most probably did not have foresee
the global implications of these attacks. Not only in the US, but also in
many other places in the world people were suddenly flung into grief,
pain, sorrow and abhorrance.

After such a great hurting catastrophy and astounding confusion the next
instinctive reaction is usually solemn anger, a pledge to fight fire with
fire. However, humankind is different from all other animal species
because most of its behaviours follow from its thinking. We all beg you to
think deeply before you act because your thoughts rather than your acts in
this profound issue will determine the future of humankind.

Please keep in mind that we cherish you endlessly in our thoughts. We love
you all and pray for your healing as well as your injured beloved ones. We
will even try to love those who engineered these horrendous attacks. But
we promise solemnly not to love those attacks self and find joy in them.
We also promise to learn what we must do to end this age in which such
stupendous attacks can even be contemplated.

We of the LO-dialogue live in so many different parts of the world that it
is impossible to send you flowers as a token of our compassion. So we want
you to go out to the nearest garden and pick one tiny flower. Look at its
incredible beauty. Smell it is exquisite fragrance. Put it to your lips
and feel its delicate caress. Become one with the flower. This is how we
want your future to become. Then put it under your heel and crush it.
Promise us that you will prevent the future to become like a crushed

In soul yours, on behalf of the LO-dialogue

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