Condolences LO27239

Date: 09/20/01

Replying to LO27206 --

At de Lange wrote at the end of his message of condolence,

>We of the LO-dialogue live in so many different parts of the world that it
>is impossible to send you flowers as a token of our compassion. So we want
>you to go out to the nearest garden and pick one tiny flower. Look at its
>incredible beauty. Smell it is exquisite fragrance. Put it to your lips
>and feel its delicate caress. Become one with the flower. This is how we
>want your future to become. Then put it under your heel and crush it.
>Promise us that you will prevent the future to become like a crushed

I just couldn't do that At. Knowing that the digest was temporarily static
and wanting to do something constructive straightaway I picked one of
Anona's best roses and sent this to Dan and Heidi Chay who are dedicated
to conflict resolution and Dan and Heidi put it up on the web at .

We hope it helps. It was only after I had sent it that I noticed the tiny
red stain on the petal. The rose is still here by my desk as I write. I
will leave it there and maybe find some way to restore it. Anona and I
will probably plant a new rose somewhere in the garden.

Love to all those suffering in this world.

Andrew & Anona


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