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Date: 09/21/01

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Hi John, Richard, and list,

What has struck me is how we have responded to these things. We are once
again using great art in religious services, funding charities, listening
to the Brahms Requiem and weeping with recognition, filling baseball
stadiums and listening to the Battle Hymn of the Republic with new ears.
Did we need a sacrifice of such magnitude to begin to act like human
beings again? Only the market goes on. But what is the point? If the
market makes humans so inhuman and terror and sacrifice makes us look to
the best and most deep within ourselves then I feel we are approaching a
terrible truth. Something basic about the roots of modern western
Industialized culture.

Everyone looks at the other and decides if they were just like us
everything would be fine, but I'm reminded of a Shakespeare quote that my
old Cherokee Elder loved to tell me when I was in college many years ago
and wanted to change and save the world.

"Let me not to a marriage of true minds admit impediments;
Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds
Or bends with the remover to remove."

Everyone claims that their version of love is the real one. How confusing
to listen to clerics from all of the large world religions tell us how
THEIR god loves us. Read sub-text "and you should get with his program or

Here is another quote from an old LO list member John N. Warfield:

"A 'trusel' is an idea or a finding that is widely percieved to be true,
but which is largely useless (or even of negative value.)"

Ray Evans Harrell, artistic director
The Magic Circle Opera Repertory Ensemble, Inc.


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