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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 09/25/01

Replying to LO27246 --

Dear Organlearners,

Ray Harrel <> writes:

>Everyone claims that their version of love is the
>real one. How confusing to listen to clerics from
>all of the large world religions tell us how THEIR
>god loves us. Read sub-text "and you should get
>with his program or else."

Greetings dear Ray,

Many a great artists learned that knowing is not in the saying, but in the
doing. Perhaps it is their criticists who taught them this profound
lesson. In that case the greatness of their artistry is to have freed
themselves from all the negative comments on their art.

The greatest piece of art on love-agape is chapter 13 of St Paul's epistle
to the Corinthians. They were his worst criticists despite his all giving
service to them. Paul had every reason to be most cynical of them, but he
kept on bearing them in his mind with tears The sub-text "and you should
get with his program or else." does not occur in the slightest manner in
this chapter.

In my opinion the sub-text "and you should get with his program or else."
is the thin edge of the blade of what I call "mental terrorism". The
strategy is to force a person against his/her capacity and will to change
mentally. Because of such repeated forcing the person's capacity as well
as will for authentic mental behaviour diminish until they are dead.
Because of invoking an omnipotent agent, namely God self, it is nothing
but terrorism.

>Here is another quote from an old LO list
>member John N. Warfield:
>"A 'trusel' is an idea or a finding that is widely
>percieved to be true, but which is largely useless
>(or even of negative value.)"

What a strange word is this "trusel" not? None of my dictionaries list it.
Yet, should it have been derived from "trust", then I can connect to it.
Thirty one years ago I learned one of the most valuable lessons in my
entire life -- Trust only God. It took me many years to understand the
implications of that lesson. To summarise it -- the more "trusels" a
person has, the less that person's creativity will advance.

It seems as if one may conclude that should a person have no "trusels",
not even God, then that person' creativity will advance most. But it is
not the case as many historical figures show. Why? God is also Creator. By
not even trusting in God Creator, it seems to me that creativity is given
a death blow.

I honestly think that we should stop judging religions which do not fit in
with our own worship or abstination of worship just because some of their
worshippers distorted that religion. It is the beginning of hardship too
many who practice such a religion. It is also the beginning of the end of
our own authentic learning.

With care and best wishes


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