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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 09/23/01

Dear Learners,

Robbing children ;-)

Last year sometime someone, an ex-merchant banker now 'consulting change'
of this, that and t'other along with t'others delighted me with a picture
of daughters. They were in a garden. Gardeners. We need 'gardeners' we are
TOLD;-) The parent was working, as parents do, all hours to build a
business. The name meant in Greek, 'The good life.' Telos. The gist of
the dialogue was to me a sad one, and one discontinued for the chasms I
saw there. " I am working hard to pay the mortgage to leave the children
something..." That is a 'wrong something' to leave one's children, I
thought. I would never work hard to leave children anything like a house,
which is another word for what, secure wealth?

If Telos tell, then Telos learn...from the master of 'reciprocity', ( the
golden rule) do as you would be done unto....just as Master Confucius said
it, and Jesus in his time too and for all I know every truly wise person.

Plato The Laws, Book Five (729)

" Wealth

-The possession of money and goods; its value is measured by the same
yardstick. Both in excess produce enmity and feuds in both private and
public life, while a deficiency invariably leads to slavery.

The Correct Treatment of Children

No one should be keen on making money for the sake of leaving his children
as rich as possible, because it will not do them any good, or the state
either. A child's fortune will be most in harmony with his circumstances,
and superior to all other fortunes if it is modest enough not to attract
flatterers, but sufficient to supply all his needs; to our ears such a
fortune strikes exactly the right note and if frees our life from

In the crystal clarity of childhood, does the parent really believe that
the child does not see the more clearly that treasure it desires to
receive? Love, unconditional love. NOW. I recall a girlchild, now gone to
Paradise who simply said, " Mummy, be with me now!"

Maybe someone can help me with some theology. Did Jesus command us to
'love' and/or to 'learn to love' one another? What is the difference
between 'becoming' and 'being' in LOVE?


Andrew Campbell



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