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From: Barry Mallis (theorgtrainer@earthlink.net)
Date: 09/24/01

Replying to LO27253 --

About "becoming" and "being" in LOVE.

You're a joker, Andrew. Asking such a question! You provoke thinking with
your words, the best attribute any human can have. Surely you have trodden
very, very well-worn paths in the forest of this question of "becoming"
and "being." Haven't thousands before us wrapped themselves in the

Yet, it's worth (ha!) considering and reconsidering in every moment,
because we mutate so from minute to minute in our lives.

So, shall I simply offer that becoming in Love means that by attaining an
objective reality, by achieving the implicit understanding of our
mortality and small place in All Existence, we therefore learn that every
moment is a becoming, that we tread along the continuum of Love. Was, is,
will be. Filled with almost inexplicable thrill.

The only one of the ten commandments, I believe I have written, which
provides for a "reward" is, honor your father and mother so that your days
will be longer. Does this mean that my love and honor for them will make
me live longer? No. What it really means is that with and through love, I
become attuned to existence with more of my humanity, my every moment is
FULLER with life. Very Mahayana, no?

St. Francis is supposed to have said, "Man looks for what is looking."
What a wonderful phrase. We are looking for the becoming in us. And yet,
as in physics, where measuring a phenomenon affects the phenomenon itself,
can we in the moment measure or sense our becoming in Love?

Funny. Edwards Deming, speaking of continuous improvement, said that once
you embark on this path, "you never get out of this hospital." The path
extends onward ad infinitum.

Now, being in Love. I recall saying over and over to my college love, "I
love you and I'm in love with you." I think I meant that the former was a
state, the latter an activity. Being in love is perhaps a condition; I
swim in the Life Sea, buoyed by the concentration of essential salts. My
swimming is becoming, my buoyancy is being. Well, a weak analogy.

I'm so pleased to think you know better! Sly fellow.

Warmest regards,


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