I Want To Hear Your Voices, Doing Nothing LO27309

From: Bill Harris (bill_harris@facilitatedsystems.com)
Date: 09/27/01

Replying to LO27291 --

Jan Lelie <janlelie@wxs.nl> wrote:

> I/f* this 1/f noise means something - and i suppose it does, looking at
> the references - would it not also imply that the exceptional good and
> wise are as sparse as the bad and wicked? Would it not also imply that
> we'll develop, change and grow AND at the same time become more
> exceptional, unique or remarkable?

I suppose it doesn't make any value claims, although perhaps we have the
opportunity to help encourage the good or the bad, as we make choices.
When I did read on this stuff about 20 years ago, I was impressed that it
quickly seemed to get to the philosophical or at least the
cosmological--sort of the feeling I get when I read some of At's material.
I'll let you explore that literature, if you're interested.
> I rather like the idea that we're a kind of pink noise; not white, not
> Brown, just pink. Pretty in pink. What is the sound produced by pink noise
> called? How does pink noise taste and feels?

While I suspect we're at least straying from the original, try
http://www.uncwil.edu/people/hermanr/chaos/joe/ and even, if you wish,
http://www.qkits.com/serv/qkits/velleman/pages/k4301.asp . I haven't done
any verification to ensure the claims on these sites are accurate. You
can probably find other such sites; I did, but they didn't work for me.

One thought came to me. We're about LO's and learning, and part of that
classically is seeing and reacting to patterns and the structures that
cause those patterns, not (or not solely) the events which go together to
make up the patterns. Does that imply anything about how we think about
recent events (and the fact we didn't seem to discuss them very much until
a cataclysm occurred--or did we?)?



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