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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 09/29/01

Replying to LO26057 --

dear Jan,

a strange attractor directed my random walk to a contribution of yours,
dating back to february 5th (this year):

> Life moves in spirals, small spirals in our heads and large spirals of
> clusters of galaxies. I like to think in cycles too, short cycles, long
> cycles, interacting cycles. Our moving (feeling, thinking, knowing,
> acting) moves in cycles too and moves us in cycles...

the cycles wonder from thoughts (ideas) to realizations (rules) and then
to actions. or, when not in control they skip blue, sometimes.

feelings are everywhere - feelings support, and exist in a different
dimention then the three basic variables (red, blue and yellow), produced
by mental activity.

feelings are of various types - not monochromatic but rather mixtures
(linear combinations, as tou may know from your background in the field of

as a preliminary attempt - like the first summand in Taylor's series -
let's only examine simple, even, two colour mixtures: like green, orange
and purple ...

green for our feelings provoked by paradoxes of belonging ... be-longing
... orange for feelings induced by paradoxes of engaging and, last, purple
(not pink), for feelings that we develop while handling the paradoxes of
speaking ... our strongest drivers ... our fuel for realization (living).

well ...
it's just another map - not true, neither false ...
it works for me ... maybe i'll find some followers - some flowers :o)

white love,


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