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From: chris macrae (
Date: 09/29/01

If someone else has already started this, would love to know of links
(don't want to reinvent wheel) meanwhile...

Just actioned something I'd been meaning to do for a long time : an egroup
on questions

Primary mode of use for this egroup is less conversational: more an
opportunity just to copy cuttings to the mailbag any view on questions you
come across

If you have anything on-content please feel free to mail:

You don't need to join egroup to do that or to see past messages, though
please do join if you wish

Here are two examples of cuttings I just posted

 1) Why questioning (aka action learning) is a key style rule for managing
curiosity as a core value of digital organisations

 - By starting with questions rather than rushing to control answers you
reduce politics, supremacy of particular functional perspectives and
people taking up departmentalised positions (associated CoP/LO value

 - Leading with a culture of questioning is important if you want to plant
and sustain virtual communities as well as the traditional "real" culture
of organisations (associated CoP/LO value Relentless)

 - Some of the most simple question areas to feature should be designed to
expose culture/language differences which need to be narrowed before you
can communally move to higher level dialogues (associated CoP/LO value

2) Questions as ways of embedding community/organisational values

eg1 if you are a company or community claiming global leadership, always
ask : what things may matter locally more vitally to the people involved
than anything we communicate at global level of understanding

eg2 by getting tee leader of company or community to admit to simple
ignorances - eg I would even know how to start compiling a balanced
scorecard for monitoring our community's health - you start with the
opportunity of unlearning old (conventional assumptions of command and
control places) and creating new ones (probably more fit for spaces where
everyone is encouraged to interact by leading with their experiential

chris macrae


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