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From: Ian Saunders (tpians@cix.co.uk)
Date: 09/30/01

Replying to LO27248 --


Your post stimulated me to post a message for the first time in many many

The impact of Sept 11 is varied and feels in many places.

At the heart level I feel for the people who have lost friends and loved
ones, and even more for those who have not had any news and fear the
worst. [On my first day in the Army - after training] my boss to be was
killed in Northern Ireland just before I departed from the UK to join his
command - For a long time I thought hard about his wife and small children
and the people I knew who would be trying to comfort them] So I have some
personal experience. However the tragedies in Northern Ireland, whilst
awful in the themselves are small in number compared to the events in NY..

At another level I ask the question - "What causes people to feel so angry
[this is the only word that I can find to describe things]?" What can we
do with them to help them?"

And I hope that our political leaders do not put huge numbers of troops
into battle as I cannot believe that this is an effective way of doing

I am struck by how little I understand people of other faiths, cultures
and ideologies. Lack of understanding is almost as bad as intolerance.

Ian Saunders

Transition Partnerships
'Harnessing change for business advantage'


tpians@cix.co.uk (Ian Saunders)

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