Collaborative Research -Special CFP, AOM 2002 LO27324

From: Richard Karash (
Date: 09/30/01

Dan Twomey asked us at the Society for Organizational Learning to
publicize this special call for papers for the 2002 Academy of Management

Dan wrote:

> Attached is the Special Call for the 2002 Academy of Management Meeting. I
> would appreciate this Call being put on the SoL website.

> Also I encourage you, Peter, and other SoL members to submit to this Call.
> It is an excellent opportunity to extend the SoL conversations to a wider
> audience.
> Thank you.
> Dan Twomey

I have placed the attached Call at

Note: Dan says in the call, "This call and discussion group at
<>..", but I couldn't find them.

   -=- Rick

The Call begins:

The Research Methods (RMD), Management and Organizational Cognition
(MOC) and the Organization and Development (ODC) Divisions are
pleased to announce a special research forum for the 2002 Academy of
Management Meeting in Denver, CO addressing knowledge creation and
the context and nature of collaborative research.

Our purpose is to promote inquiries and conversations about context,
ways of being, and ways of relating that mutually engage academics
and practitioners in creating useful knowledge for both managers and

  1) To develop a better understanding of how context enables
collaborative research approaches and how it contributes to knowledge
  2) To extend the conversations from the 2001 Special Call on
Practitioner and Practice-Grounded Research.
  3) To deepen the inquiry into the role of practice and practitioners
in research and, conversely, the role of academics in practice.

... See .pdf for the rest of the text...


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