Forces, fluxes and the algedonic signal LO27327

From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 10/01/01

Hi Loers

Relaxing this week I re-read Order of of Chaos by Prigogine, on pages 130
to 135 he describes very nicely how forces causes fluxes and Onsager

For those who are interested in algedonic signals the algedonic signal is
the force. Which causes many fluxes. There are many combinations of
algedonic forces for example the tension between security, safety,
protection and the fears of "being" defenseless and the ultimate threat of
death. This powerful force we are now seeing with the terrible events of
Sept. 11. We also can see the many fluxes it causes and process that are
being set up to to counteract the fears of insecurity and loss of
protection (and life). Beefed up security etc.

I believe that a form of algedonic signal is the cause of all human
effort, military and industrial and is the ultimate cause of creative
effort. The algedonic signal can also be put in another "force form" that
is the tension between our hopes, desires, expectations and fears, losses
and pain.

The algedonic signal can be likened to pressure (Newtons per sqm metre),
or force (in newtons) or potential difference (as in voltage). The fluxes
are the companies (also have their own structures and procesess) we set
up, our behaviors, actions and skills.



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