Fluxes and the algedonic signal LO27341

From: Gavin Ritz (garritz@xtra.co.nz)
Date: 10/03/01

Replying to LO27327 --

Hi Loers

In my last email I mentioned some "force forms", in this email I would
briefly like to share what specific fluxes are set up and how we can
identify them.

In the commercial world 8 fluxes are set up, and they are:
material processes
technical processes
financial process
economic processes
informational processes
psychological processes
power processes

All commercial enterprises are embedded in all these processes and they
have a bi-conditional effect on each other. (Onsager reciprocity).
Interesting thing to notice that each process also has a structure
associated with it. Normally it is this structure in business that causes
all the problems. Also notice as the processes go from material to power
they become less tangible and the phase change is around information.

Each viable concern that is embedded in the processes is a whole that has
simple input-transformation-output processes and structures. For those who
are intersected in defining what a whole is I will happily do so. There is
a nice simple powerful model that I use called the CIRCLE of WHOLES.

If companies and their employees understood the concept of wholes and
their bi-conditional embeddments in their environments we would not have
to worry too much about identifying what an LO is or is not. Because with
awareness of our surroundings (acting with not on) and our effects.
(forces and fluxes), we would naturally learn and adapt, just like our
organic furry friends (wild animals) and plants. We often act on our
environments with devastating results.



Gavin Ritz <garritz@xtra.co.nz>

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