Present Fears - Freedom of Expression LO27339

Date: 10/02/01

I really appreciate your welcome and your interest.

As a newcomer to this group I ask - Would you be kind enough to forward
information about you to me?

Isn't this ridiculous and inhumane to make such a request? but- How do I
know you are not one of 'them?' .... It is appalling air travelers have
recently been welcomed to their flights and asked to "get to know the
person next to them..." and report if there is anything suspicious!

But here I am, wondering with every good, peace generating email I send if
one will go directly into the hands of a real terrorist with power to
detain me for stepping over the line one man drew that was darkened by
NATO - detained, imprisoned as reportedly has been happening in rapidly
increasing numbers throughout the world. I lived for many years in a
terrorist driven state and know too well the pain.

Oh heck, please - just put me on the list- and post both of these messages
I have sent to you. I must learn if I am alone with my fears. Maybe when
I read responses I can contribute more.

Maybe my learning/development colleagues have the right answer- "Don't get
involved." Stay neutral and go about business as usual and nobody will
get hurt. "There's nothing you or I can do about the global crisis right

Kindest regards, blessings and protection for the peaceful warriors.


[Host's Note: Welcome Deborah! OrgLearners, check your maps! Who's been to
Vanuatu? ..Rick]


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