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Date: 10/02/01

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Great Thoughts

Now to stop being a lurker

My background is as a medical doctor in primary care in south london. A
very deprived environment with a very rich network of primary care

I attended the communities of practice seminar with etienne wenger And
john smith in the spring and spied richard there too. (Hi Richard ;-)

I have recently completed my Masters thesis looking at change management
Processes at the interface of primary care with other parts of the UK
National Health Service and have been heavily influenced by Agyris'
formidable work over the last 2 decades.

More recently and embedded in the thesis are ideas of complexity
particularly reflecting on the evolutionary landscape and the co-evolution
that Mark talks about

Kaufman, S. A. (1993) The Origins of Order; Self-organisation and
Selection in Evolution, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Kaufman, S. A. (1995) At Home in the Universe, Oxford University Press,
New York

Great to be on such a rich 'gift culture' of a list.


On 1/10/01 3:38 am, "Mark" <> wrote:

> This little adventure has brought me to propose an explicit
> differentiation of the type of learning which:
> - explicitly acknowledges openness to the transformation of the learner,
> - transcends and includes the learning that takes place in people,
> groups, organisations and societies and
> - acknowledges the inward and outward dimensions of the process.
> The label I have come up with for this is co-transformative learning. Part
> of the value of the use of such a term is to acknowledge the link between
> all authentic learning at whatever level. I think that this is important
> because it empowers the learner to bring lessons from their direct
> experience into larger contexts, and helps to make "organisational
> learning" into a sub set of a field in which many many more people already
> have some personal expertise, once it has been contextualised
> appropriately. Of course at the moment this is all very tentative and new,
> but even so it seems worth sharing.


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