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Date: 10/12/01

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Dear Sarah,

Harriet Robles wrote:
> I know it sounds bizarre to think of the US Army as a
> learning organization, but in fact, it is touted as having
> one of the best systems of double loop learning. My mind has
> drawn a blank, but I know someone in the LO listserv will
> remember which LO guru wrote about the Army's system of
> debriefing and feeding lessons learned back into its procedures.

You'll find one aspect of this in Richard Pascale's book 'Surfing the Edge
of Chaos'. On page 250 he talks about the US Army's After Action Review
process as an example of double loop learning 'in the field'. You can see
more, including a (very) small video, at the book's web-site and you can find a Leader's Guide to After-Action
Review at or

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