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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 10/12/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Barry Mallis <> writes:

>Insofar as September 11 is concerned, I think of the
>event as an lunatic atrocity perpetrated by small "minds",
>albeit from another planet. No systems analysis can
>convince such lunatics that my use of the descriptor
>lunatic is either meaningful or justified. Their existence,
>I propose, is a spiraling reinforcing loop. The unintended
>consequences are of little import to them.

Greetings dear Barry,

You are right. But I want to add that this "other planet from which they
come" is one which exists in their minds.They have created it by using LEM
(Law of Excluded Middle) excessively without questioning it even once.
Were they original, or did they copy someone setting the example?

I think they copied others who live in a different part of our planet.
Those copied also have created in their minds an "other planet from which
they come". By way of LEM these two "mental planets" are dialectically
opposed to each other. Sadly, otherwise both live on the same planet which
every other human also live upon. So when these two "mental planets" get
into war with each other, both sides kill, maim, hurt and traumatize many
innocent people since, to use your words, "the unintended consequences are
of little import to them." Why? Each of these sides is concerned with only
its own "mental planet". Each side is not aware of the billions of other
people as humans, fellow "mental planateers", i.e living on one and the
same planet. Will any human unintendedly kill him/herself?

>I'm sad, anxious, angry. Unlike our American
>president, I have no need for jingoistic mention
>of the American way of life, whatever that is.
>Best say freedom to choose, to apply oneself,
>communicate openly, worship in peace.
Yes. Also to keep a constant watch on the unquestioned application of
LEM. I have had a few private emails taking strong exception at what I
wrote. I do not mind it because I learn a lot of these mails. Like what?
Most remarkable are two things:
(1) The repondents use LEM excessively
(2) The respondents never ask questions.

Is it not strange? Many people believe that God is their Father and yet
some of them will seek the death of those who did something atrocious like
killing innocent people or harbouring killers, not worrying about causing
the death of innocent people too. It is for me as if they think that God
became their Father because they began to believe it so that others who do
not believe in God as the Father cannot have God as the Father. I think
otherwise. God is the Father and by beginning to believe authentic I
became conscious of it. The fact that someone else does not believe in God
nor in God as the Father do not give me the slightest reason to assume
that God is not their Father too. Should I do it, I have invoked LEM on
God self. What a terrible thing to do.

It is actually pathos beyond description when people "think that God
became their Father because they began to believe it". Can any feeble
human as creature force Almighty God the Creator to become a Farther?
Can a mouse force an elephant to become its father? Can a kolibri force an
eagle to become its father? An elephant is an elephant and an eagle is an
eagle and no believing of whatever amount or intensity is going to change
that fact.

A good father will do anything possible to protect his children within his
reach. But should some of his children decide to go and live in a far
place where he cannot reach out to them, what will that good father do?
Can he do anything more than beg them to come back. Can a father hwo is
begging his children to come back under his reach be a good father?

Why do God not reach out to those humans who do not believe in God or in
God as the Father? Is it not possible that God loves those humans as much
as he loves those who believe in God as Father? Is it not possible that
God Creator respects all what God has created, even humans? When did God
create me? When two gametes, one from my father and one from my mother,
joined to become a sigote? I believe God created me in that very moment of
the Big Bang, even though it took another 14 billion years through LEP
dancing on LEC for the two gametes to be created and finally the sigote
which has become me. I believe that God created every human being
likewise, even my foulest enemies.

>He does what he can in stressful times.

A president serves his/her nation. But what about a nation serving its
president.? uh-huh? Yes, what about telling the president your gut
feelings (tacit knowing) in as clearly as possible manner. Telling some
tacit knowing is extremely difficult and the outcome often feeble. But
this is exactly what a president needs rather than merely the advice of
experts who rely on gallup polls.

A gallup poll does not ask for someone's tacit knowing. To get many
answers fast and in a form easy for statiscal analysis, it formalises
possible answers to choose from. An expert on tacit knowing will never
acquires his/her expertise in that way because it only reflects what the
expert was capable of articulating.

The president needs from the nation those capable of articulating their
tacit knowing. I do not think that in the whole world there is anyone who
is an expert in doing it. Thus should those who can do it, despite how
difficult it is and how feeble the outcome may be, not also flock around
the president by their emails as the experts do? Unlike the experts who
get paid big bugs, they will get paid nothing. But is this not what
authentic service is about?

Is freedom the right to choose, or is not also the responsibility to
serve freely without expecting a buck or a "thank you" back?

With care and best wishes


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