After Action Review (as used by U.S. Army) LO27402

From: Richard Karash (
Date: 10/13/01

Sarah asked about the Army as a learning organization. I replied that
several corporate members of the Society for Organizational Learning
have adopted the "After Action Review" or "AAR".

Based on the experience of SoL members, I think some discussion of
After Action Review would be valuable here.

I propose these questions:

  - What is the "After Action Review" method?

  - What are the basics to lead an After Action Review?

  - What are the keys to making it work? What are the subtleties that
facilitators must follow to be effective?

  - What is your experience with the method?

  - How does this method fit into the overall field of Organizational Learning?

Let's start with people who have used the Army AAR method, then let
everyone chime in.

   -=- Rick


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