Research Project LO27414

From: Gurvis, Joan (
Date: 10/15/01

Replying to LO27404 --

Sandy, Glad to hear from you again, I was so shocked and delighted that
someone actually mentioned the Center on this listserve that I just had to
quit learking and respond, so thanks for your nudge. It would be
interesting to look at the link between the leadership journey awareness
if you will and leadership development at senior levels. I have saved
this posting and hope to refer to it often.


Joan Gurvis
Senior Program Associate
Center for Creative Leadership
One Leadership Place
Greensboro, North Carolina 27410
Telephone: 336 286 4594
Fax: 336 288 3999

[Host's Note: Joan, perhaps you can tell us more about the Center for
Creative Leadership? From my entry in the field in 1991, I've always known
CCL's reputation for high quality work. ..Rick]


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