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From: Dressler, Winfried (
Date: 10/16/01

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>And the last footnote to the page is J Middleton Murry's On Love Human and
>" We cannot love them (loved ones) until we let them go. We may be required
>so hard is it for us to learn our lessons of love - to let them go in
>it is because we could not let them go before. Only that loved creature is
>taken from us, whom we cannot let go, because only thus could we learn to
>love her or love him."

Dear Andrew,

I have taken this piece to let go a thought which is growing in my mind so
that it may reach our hearts. We let go only to learn that there is no let
go in wholeness. We let go in death only to learn that there is no death
in wholeness.

At de Lange recently pointed out that the umlomo in the associativity
pattern of wholeness needs to be less complex than the two entities
associated by the umlomo. How profound this is struck me when during some
reading the following pattern emerged in my mind: lover - love - beloved.
As long as we put all complexities on love, as long as love appears as the
ultimate complexity, we are doomed to die. We need to let go all
complexity projected onto love. Then love can act as the most simple
umlomo that it is, pure white light. Then we can and will grow in
complexity self, lover and beloved. We must not serve love for love serves
us, what an asymmetry! Was ist die wirksame Tat? What is the effective
deed or act? Let us reach for it in our hearts!



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