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Date: 10/19/01

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Dear Organlearners,

"ok3" <> writes:

>What are some of the main difficulties associated
>with the development of a learning aoganisation?
>what policies should management adopt to tackle

Greetings "ok3",

I hope that you will get many replies from fellow learners because your
questions are very important.

I personally think that too little understanding of wholeness will prevent
the development of a learning organisation. People often assume that since
they work together in an organisation, there is wholeness in the sense of
"together"=wholeness. They also often assume that
"we-act-unitedly"=wholeness. However, these two thoughts are not
wholeness, but merely assumptions.

Although "wholeness" is a concept in a person's mind, WHOLENESS itself
goes far beyond that mind into the physical world as well as the minds of
other people. Since WHOLENESS is a pattern in all creation, we are able to
form the concept "wholeness" of it. The trouble begins when we think of
that concept as something static. WHOLENESS itself is not a picture, but a
movie. So what happens to WHOLENESS in this movie? It increases! This
means that we should also try to think in our own minds of "increasing
wholeness" rather than "fixed wholeness".

It is exactly in thinking of "increasing wholeness" where most people have
severe difficulties. The reason is that they have acquired the Mental
Model that constancy is superior to change. They cannot accept that
"change-constant" is a complementary dual. Some do escape this Mental
Model just to land in its opposite Mental Model, namely that change is
superior to constancy.

I think that the policy which management will have to take with
respect to "increasing wholeness" is
1) to learn self as much as possible of "increasing wholeness"
2) make sure how much "increasing wholeness" has to do with a LO
3) BEFORE they expect from their subordinates doing the same.

Most detrimental would be when management make use of a consultant to
train their subordinates in wholeness while they self do "management as
usual". This will not only be a waste of money, but will also increase the
conflicts in that organisation.

With care and best wishes,


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