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From: chris macrae (
Date: 10/19/01

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I would say that the number 1 difficulty with implementing Learning
Organisation is that all the official measurement audits which a company
does are neutral at best to encouraging people to participate in Learning
Organisation and destructive in parts. Consequence: people's motivation to
practice learning organisation gets eaten away. (system degrades)

We are trying to develop a blueprint for what I call the missing audit of
human relationships in a way that would have positive impacts on learning
organisation, as well as other good approaches supporting organisational
growth over any "relationship timeframe", ie 2 or more years forward

If anyone would be happy to rehearse the relevance of the audit in its
pilot form to enlivening learning organisation, please tell me. In a
year's time our fieldbook will be out, and we would like to have
established a learning organisation "chapter" (ie where experts in
learning organisation also find through our audit or other means the
measures they need to make learning organisation relentess in companies).
I would hugely apprecaiate any ideas on how we could evolve and open
source such a "chapter" - we would like to have developed this to the
stage that our fieldbook could include details on how the greatest human
frameworks of management such as learning organisation are progressing
with the agenda of intangibles-centric measurement. By intangibles we mean
assets whose value depends on being activated through human relationships
and where connectivity (rather than accountants' traditional separability)
is core to the model of the business. We believe that proposing the right
audit of intangibles is too important to 21st C businesses to leave to the
tangibles measurement guys who have been the sole "rulers" of 20th C

chris macrae ,

> What are some of the main difficulties associated with the development of
> a learning aoganisation? what policies should management adopt to tackle
> them.


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