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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 10/19/01

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Hello ok3, read dearers,

There are five main difficulties:

Mental models, Team Learning, Personal mastery, Shared Vision and Systems
Thinking. In my mental model, mental models are at the core of any
development, every life, all learning. Mental models are the frames we
apply to every situation and the framing itself "is" the problem. Mental
models are the root of all problems. We cannot live without them.

Our mental models have been developed to reduce complexity, anxiety and to
promote speed and efficiency in decision making. The best way to do this
is use emotions and untested assumptions in making decisions. Mental
models usually are "ladders of inference", our beliefs are true, the truth
is obvious, we base our truth on real data. Taking time to reflect on
data, assumptions, truth meaning and beliefs is the best policy to promote
a learning organisation. This is easier said than done. Not only, because
the larger the group, the bigger the effort, the longer it will take. But
because we've declared our beliefs holy. The moment that thinking and
testing is stopped ("these are holy words", "if you're not with us, you're
against us"), learning stops.

So the main difficulty is believing. The policy should be: do not believe
everything i tell you. (I'm reminded of the movie "Life of Brian", were
Brian (Brain?) is confronted with a crowd of people, followers, asking him
for a blessing. Brian says: "You've got to think four yourself" and the
crowd responds: "WE"VE GOT TO THINK FOR OURSELVES". ;-))

Take care, ok?

Jan Lelie

ok3 wrote:

> What are some of the main difficulties associated with the development of
> a learning aoganisation? what policies should management adopt to tackle
> them.


With kind regards - met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Lelie

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