Announcement from Fred Nickols LO27448

From: AM de Lange (
Date: 10/24/01

Replying to LO27441 --

Dear Organlearners,

Fred Nickols <> writes:

>There is a major change underway in my career.

Greetings dear Fred,

I wish you all success with this major shift in anchor of your career
boat. May you have wonderwul catches ate the new place of anchoring.

May you also keep on shifting the anchor of your training boat. Keep up
with your intention to read them "great books".

>Host's Note: Fred, I wish you the very best
>in this major change. Thank you for all your
>valuable contributions here, and I hope we'll
>continue to benefit from your presence. ..Rick]

I will second that!

With care and best wishes,


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