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From: Paula Bartholome (
Date: 10/24/01

Hello Everyone:

I've been lurking on the list for a while and though I may have introduced
myself before, it's probably been a long time ago and I've gained so much,
I guess it's time to step out and say thanks! I'll briefly reintroduce
myself before asking my question...

I'm a solo consultant committed to working with individuals and
organizations who want to have "hard fun" - enhanced performance,
strengthened working relationships and increased job satisfaction. My work
is work is based on four beliefs:

 * There's more to work than a paycheck.

 * Trust must exist between employers and employees.

 * Personal responsibility is crucial to success and organizational
support is equally important.

 * Organizations that genuinely consider employees an asset and treat them
as such will meet or exceed performance measures of all kinds.

I also teach undergraduate courses (adult learners) at a local (Chicago)
university on storytelling the workplace, storytelling as a leadership
communication practice and collaborative learning.

Enough about me, on to the inquiry.

If you were going to introduce a group of adult learners to the concept of
organizational learning in a 10-week course titled:

   Introduction to Organizational Learning: Principles and Practices

..what would absolutely, positively have to be covered in the class?

Any and all comments are most welcome! And again, thank you for all the
insights and stimulating discussions you've provided.

Paula T. Bartholome



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