Team learning and team effectiveness LO27452

Date: 10/24/01

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Hey V Maria

You wrote:

I am interested in team learning ... more specifically the link between
team learning and team effectiveness. Does a team that learns have to be
effective? Does effectiveness mean learning has happened? What literature
might I seek out to address these questions? What other ideas do you have
that will help to make this link clearer?

:I would look in to the topic socialization and the aspect social learning.
Both Argyris, C. & Sch÷n,D., Schein, E., Nonaka Iv and Senge talks about
this, either implicit or explicit.

: Regarding Argyris and Sch§n you do not necessarily learn if you are
effective. Regarding Model I and single learning, you can be effective in
doing what you have done before, but you will must likely not learn
anything new or change anything.

Good luck
from Mette S°mme


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