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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 10/24/01

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V. Marie asked,

> Does a team that learns have to be
> effective? Does effectiveness mean learning has happened?

In my opinion, a team that learns does not have to be effective at all.
Something has to happen to the data consumed in the learning process.
Think of it in this way:

You receive data which you must transform into information. You may take
this information and turn it into knowledge. The knowledge may be applied
to tasks and so, in time short or long, become a skill, which implies

I'm such a poor, poor sport, ya' know. I have little patience myself for
the deepest academic considerations of learning effectiveness in action.
>From experience I relate to you that owners, top managers, top decision
makers want results from all the continuous improvement stuff that they
have supported for a decade or more. Where's the beef, they ask?

Having made my car payments catering to these individuals' companies in
the search of continuous improvement theory and practice, I feel for them
and fear for myself and the teams I supposedly support with my smoke and
mirrors. where's the learning, Barry? Where's the ROI, Kid?

Well, it's in the results of the teams themselves. when you identify a
problem or opportunity, you MUST know where you are now. What are the
metrics by which the team will gauge success? There's the effectiveness
factor, V. Marie. There it is in the flesh.

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