Team learning and team effectiveness LO27455

Date: 10/24/01

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Hello V - and all!

A team that is skilled in team learning has a better chance of being
effective (and of being more effective than a team without these skills).
Many teams are effective (i.e., they achieve their goals) without
demonstrating team learning skills. But a team with team learning skills
has a better chance of being effective and achieving their goals faster
(because through better communication they discover their mistakes sooner)
than other high-performing teams.

I wrote a bit about how I view team learning on my consulting website -
it's a service I offer. Here's a link to that page: <A
Learning</A> (

Here are a few links to other resources:
<A HREF="">Team and Organizational Learning</A>
<A HREF="">Psychological Safety and Learning Behavior in Work Teams</A>
<A HREF="">Boston University's </A><A HREF="">Center For Team Learning</A>

Have you seen the article on Team Learning in the current (October 2001)
Harvard Business Review? (I have a link to the abstract on my "Resources"
web page.)

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