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From: Dressler, Winfried (
Date: 10/24/01

Replying to LO27444 --

>>The "Steigerung" of Beethoven ... reminds
>>me now of the continental crust, while the flow of
>>Schubert, who died so young reminds me of the
>>oceanic crust.
>Yet I think somewhat different. Beethoven's older compositions
>acts as the continental crust for his later compositions as oceanic crust.
>As for Schubert, he had been given merely time to draw
>the continental crust!

Dear At,

very interesting. Thank you especially for the "hypsograph" of Beethovens
sonatas. I could clearly recognise that I never reached beyond Op.57
("Appassionata"). The later sonatas kept strange to me. The last sonata
which I learnt when I still had piano lessons at the age of 18 was Op.31, 2
("Tempest"). I loved it so much that I even learnt the whole sonata by
heart. Although I didn't play much of Schubert at that time, later I "dived"
into Schubert's piano pieces. But possibly I just avoided real diving, which
Beethovens later sonatas would have required and entered a new beautiful
continental landscape.

Thus you have reminded me of what I have written self before:
>>What is interesting here for me is that every member
>>of an organization reaches into both crusts, thus
>>reflect the whole organization.
and you have shown this in the case of Beethoven and how he reaches into
both crusts.

Then I have to admit that I know much less of my "oceanic crust" and the
tacit dimension than I thought. (With this thought I may know more of it
then before ;-)) I have to give the late Beethoven sonatas another try...

Liebe Gruesse,


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