Perfect Article on LO LO27471

Date: 10/29/01

Replying to LO27459 --

Dear Psychology Majoring diana brown,
You write,

>I have been searching far and wide for the perfect journal article on the
>learning organization, but I am having difficulty.

May I say....just drop that word 'perfect' and all difficulties may cease.

Here are some imperfect words to ease the pain of loss for you this
morning...then I have to go and take Bucket to the fields to see what the
worms have turned they teach you about worms in Psychology
Majoring? Never mind that for now, let's come above ground to the light.

...And then the Babe:
A tiny perfect sea shell on the shore
By the waves gently laid (the awful waves)
By trembling hands received -- a folded message --
A babe yet slumbering, with a ripple on its face
Remindful of the ocean.

And two twined forms that overbend it, smiling,
And wonder to what land love must have journeyed,
Who brought this back -- this word of sweetest meaning:
Two lives made one, and visible as one.

And herein all Creation.

...and diana brown, a prayer on monday morning...

O gracious One, in thy vast eternal sunlight
Heal us, thy foolish children,
Who heed thee not, but careless of thy Presence
Turn our bent backs on thee, and scratch and scramble
In ash heaps for salvation.


Andrew Campbell


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